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South Florida’s Hot Beverage Hotspots

Cuban coffee may be one of the primary preferred drinks in South Florida, but there are plenty of places to enjoy a hot beverage.  In fact, Cuban coffee is only part of a highly robust international coffee culture and there are lots of places to try something new, places that you may not be familiar with but may end up becoming your new favorite spot to enjoy a warm drink.

Head to the downtown area of Miami and visit Havana Coffee and Tea.  The name already suggests that Cuban coffee will be provided, but you’ll also be able to try a wide assortment of classic Latin blends including antioxidant rich yerba mates, a type of South American tea.  If you’d prefer something cooler, there is also wine and beer provided.

Awa Na Kava is located up north in Fort Lauderdale.  Your drinks will consist of anti-anxiety elixir kava served in fun coconut-shaped shells.  The experience is further enhanced by the karaoke ambiance.

Taking a trip to Key West anytime soon?  There’s a curiously named coffee and dessert bar called Better Than Sex serving a drink named The All-Nighter consisting of spiced coffee available in flavors like caramel, white chocolate, and more.  The drink is only one of several different caffeinated beverages served.

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