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Check out HaVen on Lincoln Road

Have you made any weekend plans yet?  The work week is coming to a close and if you happen to live in South Beach, you already know the options are virtually endless when it comes to figuring out what you may be in the mood to do.  The beaches (if the weather permits), Ocean Drive, an art gallery, you’re bound to find something.

Today we’re highlighting a spot on popular Lincoln Road called HaVen.  Viewing it from the outside there is nothing all that remarkable about the venue, but once you walk in you’ll be enveloped in a colorfully lively nightclub restaurant environment thanks to the profusion of LED lights.

There is a happy hour hosted every day at HaVen from 6 pm to 8 pm where guests try a selection of $8 craft cocktails.  In keeping with the naming scheme, these cocktails include names like the gin-style giVen, the vodka infused craVe, and many more.  These two particular drinks are only available during happy hour, but there are also $15 dinner cocktails, beers for $5, and a couple wines available for $8 a glass.

Some of the food served at HaVen includes cheeseburgers, tater tots, over four different types of sushi, and more.  The venue is located at 1237 Lincoln Road.

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