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What Amenities Attract Today’s Buyers?

Developers are always looking to attract the attention of buyers and investors with deep pockets, and this usually means unveiling luxury amenities that either outdo other homes and buildings or are entirely innovative, original, and of course, luxurious.  Terraces on the rooftop overlooking the Atlantic, boat docks in the yard, private restaurants, all of these play significant roles in attracting attention and boosting the allure of cities like Miami Beach.

At the Continuum South Beach, for example, the property sits on an unprecedented two acres of land, enhancing the already resort-like living experience residents enjoy in the northern and southern towers.  A beach club, dining establishments, these amenities can all draw buyers seeking this resort lifestyle.

And then there are other buyers seeking something closer to an intimate boutique experience, something with a garage and a private entrance as opposed to having a lobby and a doorman.  You have the freedom of hosting a rooftop barbecue without having to receive clearance from the homeowner’s association first.

Location, boat slips, impeccable concierge services (another Continuum perk), innovative design, smart technology, all of these have become important factors to buyers.  Regardless of the type of property, what do you consider to be most important when you’re out searching for a new home?

This update is presented by Miami Beach Realtor Tim Allen of Blackstone International Realty, specializing in Continuum South Beach.  If you are interested in Miami Beach condos such as the Continuum condos for sale, call Continuum expert Tim at 305-588-2451 for information on sales and rentals.